Over Moms Knee Daughter My Daughter's Step Dad Pushed His Knee Into My Daughter's Stomach Because She Yelled At His Son. ?

My daughter's step dad pushed his knee into my daughter's stomach because she yelled at his son. ? - over moms knee daughter

My ex-wife and I have joint custody and joint legal 8 years, our daughter last week at his mother's house, she screamed at his 2-year-old step-brother, while his mother slept. The father-daughter pinned against the wall with his knee because he had tried to prevent it (she said she cried and she tried to flee). Of course I want him to speak on the floor, but that is not the answer ...... My plan is to this problem with your mother in our next exchange (on Sunday) address, and tell me what happened verbally and on paper (if I have a copy) I intend to tell his mother that it will A warning about this problem if it happens again, taking him to court and get custody of our daughter. I want to measure ?????? Let me know


Anonymous said...

Listen. On the wall, put your leg is not pretty. This alienation from her, but give me a chance people. Those who are not physically abused. No judge may be denied custody solely on that basis. seriously. the problem within the family. Courts are no place for this kind of problem.

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